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What is Hacking or Mind Hacking? Control the thoughts of others


I am Mehedi, Today I brought you a series of Mind Hacking. You may know that we have been hacking every other way. Especially in our country hacking is more in circulation. But yes, all the poor countries of the world get hacking and hackers more. Where life is a lot of trouble and a little chest there will keep you a little updated in the competition. Note: – Of course, try to find a small amount of chit only for human needs or for personal use. Your dad is also a hacker when he brings about 2,500 + / = Hilsa of Taka only to 1600 + / = Something. Everybody is buying it with 2500 + / = but your father bought it 1600 / = + from the same store in a different way.

Some activities of hacking are unknown

Your mother might be paying 500 / = + CNG only by paying 300 / = +.
Hacking or Mind Hacking? Control the thoughts of others

I’m talking about Hacking Hacking Mind or Environment. Because you may not want to be known to anyone as a normal person. Everyone wants to be a little different from others. Hmmm, especially girls prefer this thing more. But yes boys also want a different girl. Hacking is one thing that does not end in gender or age.

The boy’s girl is both selected for hacking. Hacking is a medium that allows you to separate yourself. According to the mind scientist, since the beginning of creation, the human nature is different or the amount of material that is much less, but there is little interest in such things of sparkling (I do not know who was this psychologist or who was! ?) Why should I be all Believe that people have special skills on any subject or object. Yes, maybe you can figure out that I have no idea about that item. Just like everybody should look at their special features. Could not it be that others did not have any idea about that thing. The people who are prominent people in the world, they are so much better because of their emphasis on their own expertise. “I do not fear the step that you’ve learned a few days ago, I fear that which you have repeatedly done and done long ago”.

There is no word ‘where there are rules, there is a gap in the rules’. But searching for bugs behind this rule is not for general amnesty. A few people who have learned to think in a great way to the general public have the power to accept this call. And the era of today’s information technology is so much like the flow of stream that irregularities have become a matter of little concern. The new update of technology is now being considered by big hackers. Yet, as far as the technology is up to date, the bug is always going anywhere. Because people can not give anything 100%, the creator is a masterpiece. Yet we can try at least 99% good. But there are some people who do not care about any updates. They are called LeT + in the language of hacking.

With regards to Life Hacker, you may have seen many TV shows related to this topic on the outside channel. I do not think a blog written about Life Hacker has been written. Today I’m going to be a series of Viree Dharma It’s going to be writing a lot more Ajayera than seeing my first post. I do not know how to take the matter! But I can say that if I am with my series, then I can learn something and use it for real life. I will discuss partship here with some realities. Some of my episodes are from ordinary people or from my personal life. Learn how to save yourself from such a difficult situation.

Suppose you buy a genuine formal glass of Rebecca in the time of Eid. Keep in mind that it is your choice to buy a 10+ store by purchasing less than 1000+ glasses. If you are more involved with him then you were eagerly looking for the last one week to buy this glasses. I’m your favorite movie model! If this is the case then you get gift from someone close to you. Focus on topics. Otherwise, you can not understand the next discreetly. Well whatever we have assumed you got a glasses in any of the above. As new glasses are more of your choice, you may want to wear glasses on a special day.

(If you are a special kind of crippled person, then you can talk about it). So you have a special day, such as Eid / Pujya / __, etc., to use your glasses. Normally our innate growth teaches us to show off a little expensive or a little interesting item. So you did that too. A little later, it was noticed that the glasses of the glasses are a bit more powerful or uncomfortable. You will never want to keep it in pockets or anywhere because they say that your innate growth will show off. What happens when we go around we are interested in entering a restaurant. If there is a close proximity while traveling, then there is no word. And yes another restaurant’s standard of course is proportional to pockets and interrupted soul. Here your mind and money combinations will make you choose any type of restaurant or small type of phutphat. Now imagine a restaurant that has many public and 50% off there. And not even the standard. I’m trying to mean a restaurant or public place food store, which also has a lot of disenestant types. Another thing is that lust for glamor is also a natural development of a person. And the glasses are also the common fashion of this age. So at one such time you left your favorite glasses restaurant. Eid people usually do not go around the place around the house. If you have any beautiful GF with you, then there is no word. Because the danger is not to say anymore, and if you are an intelligent son, you will never want to let your family fase it. So you must go out to take your beloved away somewhere. So this is the thing that you go out with your beloved and at one time you go to the restaurant. And at one stage, your favorite glass was dropped on the restaurant table and came home very close to you and remembered that your glass is not with you. then what will you do?

1) Get lost hope and leave?

2) Think of another buy?

3) Do you look back to the previous place?

4) Or share the matter with someone?

If you have 4) share it with someone? Then do a lot of mistakes! Because the SUSUUAL will not care about everything that will help you all. Here they will argue that it is the public place in its other restaurant.

If your answer is 1) will you lose hope and leave? Either you’re going to make a mistake again. You probably do not know that you have the hope of getting that until you are able to be patient. The wise man never misses the end. (Note: This word applies only to individuals and objects).

2) Thinking of another purchase is also normal. But this is also dependent on the situation, but here you are wrong. If you are a middle-income family, then it will cause trouble for you financially. “But I think always ending everything”. So this option is flop.

Now stay 3) Back to the previous site, search the matter. Yes, if you share the matter with someone else, he will surely convince you. It is also a kind of natural growth of human beings. The solution can be well in Illusion or not. But share it with such a person that you might think like. Everyone will tell you 98% pub Will disappoint you more and your mind will diminish humanity. Those who said that they will help you who can think extraordinary or a little nonsense. You get the answer to share the matter with common people.

Hold on to think you are extraordinary!
So, now you go to the zodiac and like your natural growth, you will try to find yourself near your sitting seat. But you went and saw that there is no favorite glass in your left. So 40% of the people lost hope. Many of them left this stage. But yes they generally think you are not a little extraordinary. A survey showed that the trend of taking a home in a restaurant is usually low in nature: D. You tell the next step to the staff staff. See what they say. If you are anonymous, then there is no need to go to your third step. Generally the person is very poor in the counties. So he might say in a word that “we did not get it”. Giving a common people 100% of their lost guarantees. What do you do here? =) You must follow the next step. You present him with a description that creates a hostile attitude towards your object. Such as present your negative type of object. It must be interpreted on the basis of your lost object. Keep an eye on man’s behavior. See what he’s trying to say. No matter what you can do if you want. (Note: you need to be a little real goddess to find out the lier person here) or else I will teach you to the next part. Usually the thief will never accept that he has stolen. You have to create such an environment so that the serpent does not die or break the sticks. Normally he will not say in one word. You will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that some things reduce the value of objects. For example you went to buy a car. The car has also enjoyed all aspects of it. You looked a little bit and thought it was perfect for you. You must still ask the owner of the car about the condition of the car. Now, if he gives the answer, everything in the car does not work well only. Will you ever buy the car?
I do not think I should buy. Just like some of the Tig Mark products will reduce the price. In this regard, I will discuss Insha Allah in the future. Well, whatever you look at, the other of a system that is a basic one but enough to create an effective counterpart on your object. Here is your lost object “glasses” Now if you present a description, will Stella give your glasses? You must know the answer in the comment box. Here is the answer from my side that tell him that there was comparative power of spectacles. And it has been given to Doctor Cuttick. Now you follow his point of view and try not to leave the place due to the possible words, by increasing the talk. Remember, do not rhetorically say it with certainty. If you like, you can add more such as imagine yourself a day without glasses, etc. If he or she gets a staff here, then you must call again before leaving. Another thing to remember is that during these conversations, keep a little different from other customers. Of course, he will never want to help you when he is very busy. Since she did not say that at first, she would never want to return your glasses to you at that moment. You can create such a comment so that she can contact you later. You may tell him that if he has got a glasses later, please contact him. You can ask him to give him a phone number so that’s how I am if I am eighty times to search tomorrow. If you do not wait for tomorrow then he will say that if I get it, then I will tell you by phone. Now let’s go and greet him by Farewell. Wait 20 minutes. Stay around the shop. He’ll tell you by phone within 20 minutes that he got your glasses. This was the great interpretation of a little Mind Hacking in today’s episode ? Hope you enjoy the whole thing. Do not forget to comment if you have a better idea than me on the above incident.

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