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Vitamin D decreases breast cancer risk

Vitamin D decreases breast cancer risk
According to a study published in the United States Plus One Journal, women have enough vitamin D on their body to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Especially after menopause, the chances of getting this cancer greatly decreased.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, reached an agreement on the basis of the results of two consecutive clinical trials with 3,325 and 1 thousand 713 women aged 63.

Vitamin D is available in plenty of foods.

Mushroom: There is a lot of vitamin D found in mushroom. Adding mushrooms to the food list for at least four days a week will help the body to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D. Mashrooms can be found in more vitamin D when cooking by drying in the sun. Mushroom can produce Vitamin D in the light of sunlight.

Cheese: This is one of the main sources of vitamin D. Add cheese to the food list to increase the amount of Vitamin D in the blood.

Fish: All types of fish are the best source of Vitamin D. However, the amount of Vitamin D is high in oil containing oil. Especially in marine fishes it is found more.

Egg: There is plenty of vitamin D in egg yolk. So instead of just eating egg white part of egg, whole eggs should be eaten.

Soy Milk: Soy milk is a vegetable dairy component that is prepared by mixing with water by soybean drying. In addition to having the same protein as normal cow’s milk, there are plenty of vitamins D, C and iron available.

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