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Some of the key features of Cyber Security Specialist

For a couple of years, one of the diseases of Polapan became a hacker. Now in the era of change, everyone now claims to be a “security specialist” because they are not themselves hackers. Many people are sitting in the farm. Many people have taken the DB police tool and took cyber security through seminaritaminer in different universities, demanding that the students keep themselves safe, and they will give security to their “site” themselves. Before the people thought that the hackers were bad, because of them or think well. A few more people saw big lectures – you could have a big leak on the site, so that you are in danger, Tan Tan. The hacker will listen, tan. Seriously? The excitement is great, there is no doubt, but what they understand by hearing about it means that cyber security means website security. Or hacker is a big deal.

Cyber security means computer security. They should study before cyber security before giving lectures on cybersecurity. Others are also being misguided because of them. People think I have no site, I’m safe, or I do not have a credit card, I’m safe. Cyber security does not mean computer security at all, and as a cyber throat hackers are not the biggest threads. Cyber security means data security. Everything information about cyber world If your personal information is stolen, you may have many problems, see how hackers are thresh? You do not have everything right for hackers, their targets are only different passwords, your banking information, and your identity especially in the field, then you can use it to keep yourself safe in the zone, in the middle you will get trapped. But the government of any country, everything is imperative, you are going online, who is mailing, what are the mails, what is the contact with whom, everything is communicant, and so the governments of different countries in cyber security are the biggest Threats. At one point in the discussion, hacking has many important issues which should be known by the readers of Happy readership. Mind hacking is the name of one of the hackers in the world. Hepatitis and can wear at this stage. Mind hacking to post this post for a great idea. There is no world outside of online marketplace and mind hacking. No one is constantly hacking you. For more details on Security Specialist or Old Age Hacking or hacking world, what is the hack? You can see the many wrong ideas posted on hacking.


Security specialist

Almost every government monitors their citizens and citizens’ organizations, you have the ability to claim this theory as a security specialist. Have the ability to identify your throat? Data is stolen by hackers, governments also, even your competitors can, corporate espionage j, industrial espionage are now common thorts. Identifying the thread, protecting it in the forearm, where is it coming from the field, how can it be identified? All governments use high technology, hackers also, do you have the capability to keep a system safeguarded with these technologies? What is meant by the cyber attack also comes in the eye, because here you have a defect, there are some cyber wars when some of the governing site fails. The Americans stopped attacking the Stuxnet virus in Iran’s Atlan atomic center, and after two years, Iranians spoiled all the data of 200+ computers of Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, or Chinese hackers stealing missile / fighter texts from Boeing’s servers, or how the WikiLeaks Secret information, these are cyber attacks by phone tapping, there is no need to counter it in your store? The website does not mean cyber ward, it’s a small place in the cyber world. The biggest thing is to work with web apps only, but you have to be qualified near Faisal Bhai, Tarek Bhai or Mirza Bhai. Once you sit beside them, think of where you are? Then the security firm made some money!

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