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More than 7 historian freelancers you do not know as freelancers but they have changed the world – 3rd sequel

how are you all? I hope technology touches well. I’m also very good to love you. And I will not be good at why my new and unique tune “Historical freelancers whom you do not know as freelancers but they have changed this world” We already came with two sequels. Your widespread enthusiasm and affection also motivated me.

In the previous two sequels, we have discussed details about Alfred Nobel, Walt Disney, Ray Crock, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Aaron Montgomery Ward and Sam Walton. None of them were poets of nature, but in various ways, they crushed them in different ways. But they had the power of imagination impossible, as well as the impossible power to generate ideas. They always used to change the idea of how to convert ideas into reality. Which was the main reason for their development and the ability to give the world? Which did not hesitate to make them tech emperor?

Just because of your response, I came to this 3rd sequel. Where you will hear the story of some tech enthusiasts coming up.

If you missed any previous sequel, you can come here right away. The story of those people coming up, all of whom were freelancers.

Do not forget to read. Because the events can turn your life around

Today we will also know the story of some historians but a new generation of young freelancers becoming entrepreneurs.

If you want to start a business now, you have to start planning, planning, and getting the necessary paperwork. But there are some entrepreneurs who start with a little exception. They started with Freelancer Once upon a time sitting in front of this computer they became entrepreneurs in their sectors. Because of freelancing and small business.

However, it is a risky fact to become an entrepreneur from the true freelancer. Many people may not even think that they have not had enough experience to become entrepreneurs. But believe, you can become an entrepreneur if you want and in the same way you plan. I would like to see some stories and their life in front of you.

A freelancer or an entrepreneur
There is quite a difference between freelancers and entrepreneurs. A freelancer took only a few projects and ended up taking the post. It may be bell based or project-oriented.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur is in the forefront with long-term projects and workers. While he was asleep once he was coming to earn income. Even though you have enough to take risks from the entrepreneur.

However, the other thing became more like that. I will now discuss the creative historian’s freelancers who once became entrepreneurs.

1) Coles Teayed:

Kolis Teayed is very creative and talented designers and entrepreneurs. She is a co-founder of Envato. Many better quality tutorial sites including Psdtuts +, Netuts +, Vectortuts +, Audiotuts + are creating networks in Envato. The thing that you might not know is that before the establishment of Envato, Kolis was a great freelancer and freelance developer.

Colis first started working as a web designer and became a freelancer who played a significant role in establishing envato.

2) Syan Tayid
Cyan is a creative and well-known designer. Although it’s not right to talk about Envato because of its name. Because he was the founder of Envato in collaboration with his husband Colis and June Range.

Cyan loved designing and he started working as a freelance designer. He loved the creative design.

FreelanceSwitch was Syan’s first venture, where there was an experienced freelancer community. The current member is about 4 million.

3) Brian Aung:
If you are a lover of games too much, then listen to the name of Brian Aung. He is a young tech entrepreneur, founder, CEO, Kip dot m. You might be surprised to hear that this young entrepreneur started freelancing. At the beginning of the technology world, he was a Photoshop Designer. He used to design various companies’ add-ons, banners, etc. in Photoshop and sell it to different clients.

In the continuation of the time, he started working on mobile game advertisements and started his app called Kip, which he could offer for his client’s specific service.

Kip thus grew bigger. In two years, he got the opportunity to work in partnership with all the world’s best-known companies (including Dijon, PepsiCo, Sony, Kodak, Geenice World Records). The startup was recognized by him as the youngest entrepreneur and Mashable 2010 in the world to be the youngest entrepreneur of the world.

4) Sahil Loveenjia:
Sahil Lovinja is a young creative designer and entrepreneur. Who designed the most famous organizations in the world. Pinterest’s app is made by this young designer. Pinterest is one of the world’s renowned social media.

While working at Pinterest, working with a lot of good designers and developers has got a great deal of experience. From where he founded a website named Gumrod, where creative people could sell their patents.

Established in 2011, Gumrod has grown very fast. He created 8.1 million funds through this guard, where there were many reputable institutions. Many of the world’s famous singer Girl Talk, Waz Khalifa, David Banner, and many others sell their items. Wherever Sahil succeeds in successful Guinness

5) Alex Manzini
Alex Manzini Founder Kolakube. Alex became very popular for his work, he is famous for creating a web theme combining photoshop and WordPress. He is very talented and creative developer and entrepreneur.

Initially Alex Thesus created a WordPress theme called Premium Skin, which sells more than $ 20 Hzar dollars. Then he was very serious about creating the theme and founded the Colakub. Callakub Thesis is famous for selling premium skin themes. And with the help of Blue Petals, many better bloggers recommend this theme. Thesss theme became more popular when the Thesis Community is used more effectively. Since then he has been collecting more than $ 1 million annually.

6) Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson is a brilliant and creative web developer. He gave a lot of gifts in the developing world. Created Thees Framework for Pearson WordPress. She became an online celebrity. In this way, he founded

Pearson started web development as a freelancer. Where he was initially satisfied only with the client’s work. And because of the great scope of this sector, he started the work of creating unique themes and frameworks for WordPress.

Pearson worked in partnership with Thesis Frameworks with a nominal blogger like Copiblogger and ProBlogger. Many well-known and well-known bloggers are very much dependent on this theme.

7) Carl Yorker
It does not matter what kind of freelancing you are, as much as you think about others ahead of others. This is a famous freelancer Carl Yarker.

The founder of this female entrepreneur MakeALivingWriting. He gave the idea of how to earn income through online writing. He also worked on creating a lot of interest in this matter. As part of this, he opened a community blog named Freelancer Writers Den, through which his ideas and help can make new and inexhaustible writers more freelance income.

To tell the truth, you can earn as much as a freelancer, if you are self-committed and develop your own skills accordingly. You can tell your entrepreneur as your expertise.

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