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More than 4 historians freelancers you do not know as freelancers but they have changed the world – second sequel

How are you I am fine with your love and I will not be there because of the recent sequel tune ‘historic freelancer whom you do not know as a freelancer but they have changed this world’ has greatly responded to the Tudors

Through my sequel, I have tried to highlight those who are not like today’s freelancing but have started their career as freelancers at that time and later Tech Tech’s. Many have read this sequel of me and really did not think that way …

I discussed Alfred Nobel, Walt Disney, Ray Crock, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, where I saw how these historians were the first to start life in my first historic freelancer who did not know you as a freelancer but they changed the world. As a freelancer on the side and the country’s entrepreneur as the next Have enriched the world with. Although they were initially in a lot of hardships and struggles, in the next life, they completely changed their lives with their actions, creativity, and prudent thoughts. With business, wealth and honor, they brought their lives to different values that took them apart from one height.

Today I came with the second sequential tune of ‘historic freelancers whom you do not know as freelancers but they have changed this world’.

In this sequel, we will know more about 4 historians freelancers who may have been deprived of this advanced world and technology if not.

Andrew Carnegie had the ability to influence the birth of the people, through which he made himself rich, and also involved himself in many charitable activities. In exactly the same way, Bill Gates, Aaron Montgomery Ward, Sam Walton has struggled to establish himself, Freelance has been self-reliant by working. Later on, this human society has given up its own service and love.

Because of you, in your responsibilities, chains, and actions, you will be able to take on the responsibility of many more people. You will be able to offer great gifts and services to human society as well as yourself.

1) Business Consulting / Networking Freelancer – Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie, who was one of the richest people in the world in a time. Who was born in a small hut in Scotland and grew up? In 1848, when he was only 13 years old, his family moved to America. Only in terms of economic condition change There he worked as a cotton coin, where he had to work 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. Later, he started working as a freelancer by becoming a victim of the situation. Although he did not sell anything, telegraph messenger used to act as a carrier.

Expert in networking/communication
Andrew Carnegie met with Pittsburgh’s famous people on the sidelines of work. Knew about their business, knew about other business and businessmen and also contacted them. Due to excellent communication skills, he was later promoted to his Telegraph Operator. Carnegie was only 18 then. Very quickly, President of the organization, Thomas Alexander Schalke was introduced and praised his communication skills and received many more internal responsibilities. Carnegie also helped him adequately.

Implementation of Inherent Power
The ability to influence the people helps him to approach more people and he started doing very well in all sectors. At that point, at the age of 25, it did not get much faster to get into Odoroff and Pullman’s big companies.

Finally, Carnegie founded the famous “The US Steel Corporation”, which was not too late to wear the crown of the world’s richest man. His business is owned by 480 million dollars.

The older age I got, the more people gave me more attention than what I said.

2) Coding Freelancer – Bill Gates
Bill Gates carries Microsoft’s emblem. Although incredible, you can not run your computer without any software invented by him or his Employee. It is not possible to write the contribution of Bill Gates in the world of technology. Although Bill Gates has become the richest person in the world, he came from an intermediate family. At the age of 13, he used to sell his own computer maker Electric Monster and Teletype Model 33 ASR terminal and he could program this system.

White Hat Hacker
Bill Gates and his three friends hacked some of the computer center corporations (CCC) systems. He was a good expert about this. When the CCC understands, they banned the students. Gates then showed his coding expertise and found out more bugs on their system. Thus Gates became one of the time coding freelancers.

At the age of 16, he started working as Information Science Inca Coding Freelancer. At the age of 17, he made computer programming for class distribution. In the same year, he and his friend Paul Allen created a business assistant tool called “traffic analytics”. Although they did not achieve the desired success Gates and Allen then contacted a large company named MITS, who was then working to build a computer-based Intel 8080 CPU. Gates told them that on their plan they could create software driven by that machine. But Gates actually lied to meet them. Although he speaks to the president of the organization, he wants to know what that software? Then Gates told (Micro-Soft) Microsoft. That’s how Microsoft’s birth.

I failed a few things in the examination, where my friends passed all the things. Now they are Microsoft engineers and I’m Microsoft’s owner.

3) Copy Writing / Newswriter Freelancer – Aaron Montgomery Ward
If Aaron Montgomery Ward was still alive, he would potentially be the best marketer (newsletter/sales letter) in the world. He was very much dependent on mail order for selling his product and he was the father of mail order business. At the age of 14, he worked in a brick kiln. Later, he started selling some common products. In 1865, he started working as a freelance sales worker on a few commissions.

Many times many products could dry out. As a solution, he started the mail-order business. The main reason was that the products could be sold at a lower price and the salesmen were less likely to suffer.

His plan was fruitful. He wanted to reach manufactured products to the residents of the rural areas. In 1872, Aaron Montgomery started the world’s first mail list order with 163 products. On the other hand, Aron Montgomery started the world’s first e-commerce business.

If the customer waited a little longer to buy the product and wanted to save money, they would always buy the goods through the mailing list.

4) Sales Freelancer – Sam Walton
Until 2013, Walmart was the world’s largest public corporation. It employs 2.2 million employees and earns around 500 billion dollars. This powerhouse was founded by freelancer/entrepreneur Sam Walton.

Walton was born in Oklahoma. Since childhood, he has done various tasks only to support the family. He used to deliver his family’s cow’s milk to different customers at various places. Walton is thus a freelance milk seller since childhood.

He crossed the frustration and joined a magazine and used to sell the membership of the magazine there, only for the sake of livelihood. He used to sell various daily necessities in college. He even used to serve food in the college canteen. In this way, he was involved in the various freelance profession.

Finally, at the age of 26, he started a retail shop with a $ 20,000 lunar. Due to good business, some other new outlets started the journey. Thus he started Walmart’s journey in 1962. Afterward, he never had to look back. (It was sensational for Sam Walton to write these writings).

High expectations are the key to all things.

Are you familiar with this exceptional freelancer who survives in this world with your own qualifications? Do not forget to let me know in the tournament.

The 3rd sequel will be more unbelievable, they are freelancers but entrepreneurs But the story of them coming up.

Thanks to everyone.

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