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Graphics Design Tutorial – How to Learn Graphics Design?

Graphics design

Graphics Design is a huge potential store in the online world. People are constantly feeling the need. It is increasing day by day demand. So, keeping pace with the time, learning the graphics design can also be associated with the world. This is a sector where there is a great potential to express your creativity. You can develop yourself as a good graphics designer. But for that you must work hard and pursue. It does not match without difficulty, it is only for both online and offline.


Let’s see what works in a graphic design.
1. Logo Design
2. Product Hologram Design
3. Image Resize and Editing
4. Photo retouching
5. Make the sketch
6. Make psd for web site
7. Convert various psd images to vectors
8. Business card design
9. Banner / Poster Design
10. Sticker design etc.


Let’s come back to Sketching
It would be easy to understand the sketch by saying sketch sketch. Many people say I can not draw. Many people say that the drawing of God is a gift given to Allah. Yes i agree with you Not everyone’s thoughts are different, but if you try and practice a lot, you can also be a good designer at one time. If you want to draw, I will tell you that you have seen some of the drawings well before and tried to understand. Try to observe every drawing well and think about how this drawing was done. Actually there are some principles of good drawing. As people who study drawing, they know that they are taught different things which help them to enhance their drawing and animating them. A popular online learning website,, will be able to learn drawing from this site. From here you can download various tutorials for free. Go to this site and go to the homepage and see the tutorial on drawing topics. You see them and try to practice drawing at home. If you try this way you can learn drawing.


Now let’s design the logo
What’s the logo
In one word, a company, country or person carrying something personal. As you can see the picture of the apple behind a mobile, you can say it is an iPhone, in this way a logo carries a company’s personality. And for this reason the logo design is so important. But to learn logo design you must first see the logo of different companies and take ideas from there. The logo will always be designed with Adobe Illustrator and always try to make your logo design compatible with the company’s name.

To learn logo design, you have to keep in mind:
If you want to be a good logo designer, you must put on the following things:

1. Creating a link between the company and its audience with the logo: A logo is made only for the beauty of viewing. There is a company’s underlying message inside it. So before creating any company logo, you have to know a little about the company first. And before designing the logo, you should think about who this company works with, and what type of symbol or symbol is the best branding possible? In this case you have to determine the color with very consciousness. But designing a simple logo is a good one. If you get the job of a garment company’s logo design, you can mention the steel button or yarn in the logo, but it must be beautiful and smooth.

2. Look at the company’s brand:
It is better to create a sketch before the logo design. Before you can see if there are any logos before the client, check out their logo if there are any other clients in the client, so you can understand what kind of logo the client chooses. So first of all you know the client and his ideas and choices. It allows you to easily design your desired logo.

3. Backup everything
You can not complete your logo design at once, for logos to be designed. Client can ask you to change any part after the first time is adjusted. After changing it, you can ask to change it again. For this reason, each time you submit it, you will have to keep a separate backup of this period. It may be because – after 3 times you have changed the parts of the logo, the client could say that the first time the tie was good. So if you do not back up your work permit, then get a lot of trouble. And do not forget to forget to backup anyway.


Now let’s work on other design works
The logo design is a part of the graphics design. But in addition to this, there are many more jobs in this sector. From the billboard to the cover of your book cover page is also available online. There is also a great demand for interior design. It’s designed to be the inside of a room. There are various types of designs like this.

Let’s learn how to learn Graphics Design
To learn the graphics design, I’ll tell you the tutorial from any English website. You can learn a lot more about this. There are two popular websites like: and, Google’s graphics design tutorial and you can find many tutorials by searching. But the problem is that the tutorials on these sites are not free, so if you want you can buy the account with the money. But I would say – those who can download torrent files, they can find a little in torrent, well, they will definitely get the videos in free. How to download torrent files, you will find it on many Bangla blogs. But I’ll try to tune myself to download torrents very soon. However, if you can not collect English tutorials, there are many sites in the nets that give you a lot of written tutorials. You can learn to see them. But now there is good news: many Bengali people have learned many tutorials that you can learn. But if you practice practicing Bengali tutorials you will be benefitted a lot. Those who know English well must definitely see the English tutorials, because the English tutorials are being discussed in the right place, which are not discussed in more detail than anywhere else.

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