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Fine to Fine Subject Apple Points you to visualize the eyes! See how !!

We have a lot of interest in Apple’s various issues. Besides, Apple’s quality design always keeps us in touch. But most of us do not know the many mysteries inside it or do not want to know. The way the world works in technology, Apple does not always do her work the way it does. Exceptions bring many ideas that we can not think of. Let’s find out today that it is a subtle and subtle thing that Apple can add to the way. Which has made the world of technology a far more prosperous one? ?

Fine things that are only possible to Apple:

1) Apple Laptop’s Breasting Slip Lights Breathing LED
Apple’s Breathing Status LED indicator is an LED indicator designed for Apple’s laptop. Which works on slip mode in Apple’s laptops. Breathing Status LED Indicator Apple is a patented design. Apple has mentioned in their patent that when Apple’s bridging lights are in slip mode, they should act as a breathing. This is designed to provide a lot of comforts to a user, as well as with great fine analysis. See how much Apple has designed its product in relation to how much breathtaking people are in breathing!

2) The fan who is listening to the Smart Fan
Mac’s new laptop with the Voice Detection feature, where Apple can recognize your voice at their internal fan slow speed. The best thing to know about the voice is to keep it in mind.

3) Find the fine thing on Apple Maps
If you open the Apple Satellite View in Apple App by an app and if you have enough zoom then you will see it till the sun’s light, just as the world is rotating in real time. That means you can understand day-night changes very well through this app. It is called the use of sophisticated technology which can not increase our surprise.

4) Caps Lock Promotion Smart Caps
If you click the caps lock key in every MacBook Year and new MacBook Pro, you will not see any change. Because of sudden caps lock so that there is no on the slightest touch to make this arrangement. You have to click on a little longer to activate the caps lock.

5) Half Favicon Favicon
If you bookmark a website in Apple’s browser, you’ll see an Apple icon or favicon. However, it was removed in Safari’s next version. However, it shows half an Apple icon annually on Steve Jobs’s death, which reveals to Steve Jobs only.

6) Hidden magnets (Magnet) camera
Prior to joining Apple iSight camera Magnet AIM, there was a hidden camera on the previous iMac. Place or other camera work

7) The light that guides you
Apple iPhone is the only phone that first lets users slide-to-unlock to unlock phone lock. The first iPhone was in this slide-to-unlock button right-an Arrow tail and a Rail.

Then the new version of the iPhone this left-to-right button is designed more expensive. Arrow tail and rail are excluded from the new design. But new users can understand that to unlock with the left-to-right buttons, Apple adds a lightening effect below the text instruction as well as slide-to-unlock, which is guided to slide from left to right continuously. Which introduces Apple to a more unique display. See the picture below and it will be clearer.

8) Sophisticated audio technology
To make use of optical adapters for the convenience of audio and video professionals, Apple uses Toslink of high power, which gives them high power output. When you add optical adapters to MacBook, it is capable of offering high-powered sound through Toslink. As a result, the extra sound system is not required to use Apple in the long run.

9) Do not distort features
Apple iPhone When you turn on Do Not Disturb mode, a small moon icon comes in the top-screen. But when you do it on-off, if you notice it well then a small animation will happen in front of your eyes. What a surprise

10) Volume and Brightness Bounce feature
When you reduce volume and brightness on your iPhone, you will notice a bounce until your finger stops. Take a look. Fall in sight?

11) One Finger Open
Apple’s laptop is designed so that you can open it with a finger. But the new device will take a little time to work. But do not be surprised if you falter. So Sharp Apple Technology

12) Annoying iTunes Button
When you listen to music on phone, it can go to iTunes Store or go to iTunes Store. To stop that, the new version of i Phone is closed by iTunes single click. Which can be used without speed and trouble.

13) Virtual Reflection
Apple is trying to make some virtual reflection in iOS 6, which will change the volume or brightness according to your weather. Which is trying to bring virtual reality Maybe it will expand further in the next version.

14) Fingerprint curb
If you want to add a new fingerprint print from Apple or you want to delete the old fingerprint, you can easily identify it from the Apple Touch ID store, through its receiver from a finger on the home screen. With which you can easily delete old fingerprints.

15) Camera app control
You can easily open the camera app unlock if you want in iOS 7. You can also keep the camera app open even when locked. This system is more due to the use of the camera.

Apple is the surprise They do so many hard works so easy that you can not believe it. Any other tune will be seen till today !! Expecting your opinion on Apple technology.

Thanks to everyone.?

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