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Education is backbone of the nation! But can we take lessons in our minds in Bangladesh? Get your education, learn from thousands of things, be well-educated (Part-1)

The importance of education prevails in the present times. And maybe there is no difference between this one thing. However, many of the methods of education go unreasonably. Especially in our country’s education system.

There is no system to learn wisely in our country. Even I do not have the right to decide on my favorite subject. I must read in the subject that the organization has defined for me. It is a country that does not damage the amount that it is against itself, it is the loss of its country.

Because if one reads a subject wisely, he can also emphasize his creative thoughts with his studies. But that opportunity is not in our country. I do not think it will ever happen again. But we will keep in mind the latent desires of our mind.

No! It can not be done again.

Online offers this opportunity to you. You will be able to learn from the world’s best teachers online at the time of the matter that you like to know about. It’s free again and according to your own time.

Let’s learn from today’s great web schools, who will give you all kinds of education. And you will be able to learn in your mind environment and in the Topics. Let’s start by finding out.
All the schools in the world who are free to teach about your needs

1) Coursera
Very popular in online learning activities Coursera. There are Coursera Partnerships with many prominent universities and organizations around the world. Coursera has more than one hundred free learning opportunities on various topics. Coursera has great connection with many universities and organizations. This web school can give great opportunities for learning different topics or topics. Above all, Coursera can offer you great opportunities, education in various institutes and schools.

2) Khan Academy
With the help of different world schools and schools, the Academy of Higher Education teaches this web of revolutionary web. The son of Bill Gates, the son of Bangladesh descent, is also studying in Salman Khan’s online school. Khan Academy, one of the mediums to learn all kinds of things, is a medium of learning. Khan Academy will have a great opportunity to learn about your choice.

3) Open Culture Online Courses
Open Culture Online Courses You have the opportunity to find many things that are not found in most places. The online educational portal is organizing 1000+ video tutorials with different universities. Here you will find many more courses in Australia, England, and the University of America, with a lot of other courses incomplete courses. You do not need to read any boundaries here, you can walk on equal footing to any choice.

4) Udemy
Udemy will give you the opportunity to learn about the Variety, but many find it compatible with Coursera. In fact there are many similarities in the course planning, however, depending on the quality of high quality Udemy best with different courses. There are two types of free and paid education available here.

5) Academic Earth
Sort of Academic Earth’s course plan, in line with the above 3 sites. However, it is popular for a good course plan from different sources. Another interesting topic, Academic Earth, provides you with school and subject-based courses, which will help you find the courses you like.

6) edX
Another good way for free online education is edX. There are different types of courses curriculum arranged here. Courses offered here are consistent with the different schools in many ways. There are many types of topics available to meet everyone’s needs.

7) Alison
This site is different from other sites. The certificate from here is provided. It is mainly taught here about business, technology and health. Although there is a chance to learn languages too. If you want to learn for a certificate, there are education activities in place with Alison’s school.

8) iTunes
One of the most popular media for online education is iTunesU. You can take education activities in different ways from Apple through different types of texts. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can easily learn through the iTunesU app. You can easily find your favorite topics from different category-based educational activities. There are many types of high-quality video here but some free and some content paid. Another thing is that if you use Android or Windows, you will be left with this education.

Online Education Many new things that do not depend on your textbook, but you can easily learn what you like. Another good method is that you will not be stuck in your education program for time or money.

I’m coming with more such sites in the next phase. Stay tuned, and continue to enjoy the taste of education about your choice.

Remember one thing, a proverb in English, you are five (5) her ninety-five (95), you always have the right to learn.

Be nice, stay healthy.

thanks to everyone. ?

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