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Canada will take more than 10 million immigrants

Have you ever dreamed to live or work permanently in Canada? If you can see it can be fulfilled now. Because the Canadian government announced a new plan that they would accept more than 10 million immigrants in the next three years.

Immigration Minister Ehmed Hussain has told about the plan in the annual report of the 2018 immigration minister. He said Canada will accept 10,80,000 people as new permanent residents from 019 to 2021. Which will be around 3,070 thousand in the next 2021.

Hussain also came to Canada as a Somali refugee. He said that the immigrants and their descendants have contributed countless contributions to this country, and our future successes will depend on their continuous welcome and well-being.

According to the report, one in five living in Canada was born outside the country. More than 60 million people have been immigrated to Canada since 1990.

Immigration is the key to strengthening Canada’s economy. Most of the young immigrants are also able to deal with challenges of older people.

According to the report, the ratio of workers to retired people is 4.2: 1 in 2012, but in 2036 it will be 2: 1.

Less than half of those taken in 2021 will be taken under the economic program so that they can fill the gap in the labor market efficiency.

The report says, the increase in immigration levels, especially in the field of economic growth, will enable us to sustain the pressure of labor, support economic development and continue inventions.

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