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Android Apps Development Guideline in Bengal – Mega Post

When Android will not start, and when will it start

My advice to those who want to learn app development is not to start it before the third year. You can start at the end of the third year. Until then learn the tricks of programming. Learn Problem Solving During this time, learning about your data structure algorithm, database, OOP, number theory etc. After passing out, these flames are difficult to find. Because they are not a topic to pass in one night. You may need to take a few hours to understand the concept of a different data structure or algorithm. But there are many practice to go to the level of using or filling it, and it needs regular hawks. You can learn Android development in 3 months after passing, but you will not be able to learn the Data Structure-Algorithm in 3 months. If you do not have data structures, algorithms, OOPs, DataBase Ideas, then stumble in app development. There are weaknesses in my database. The course did not go wrong. That’s why I’m having trouble now. If you think learning, participating, and learning about Android at leisure, then you will understand that your problem solving is not exactly the same. Because there is no time to be given free time as well as continuing the problem with scholarship studies in the university. So when it’s time to start then Unfathomable fruit but not a lot of taste!
How to start Android Development?

Both Java and Kotlin are the official languages ​​for Android development. You can work with two. But for those who will start completely new, the seniors have to start with Java. Strong and String Language Java is known and Concept of Object Oriented Programming will be well known. Since this post is for those who will start Android from the very beginning, so I write from JAVA’s point of view.
Prerequisites of Learning Android Development

If you want to start Android development after the basics of your programming, then think about how much your possession is in Java as a prerequisite. If you do not have Java before, then take 2-3 seconds for the java and the basics to wipe the OOP. Below are the names of some topics that you can start Android after learning about it.


  • Java input and output from console
  • Simple arithmetic and bitwise operation
  • IF-Else
  • Loop
  • Array
  • ArrayList
  • List
  • HashMap
  • Stack class
  • Queue class
  • StringBuffer class
  • String class
  • Date and time related classes
  • File input and output
  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search
  • Bubble Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes
  • DFS
  • BFS
  • Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Method overloading
  • Method overriding


It is possible to take good care of these topics within three months. It is very good to do a little project at your consoles. Maybe it is a text file in some simple information such as read-write-search-delete-updating some student information. In this, try to implement your known OOP knowledge. These are minimums, some things that are not known to be pushed to the post. There is a lot to learn. They can learn later by working with them themselves.

Not to learn blog or video tutorials, books are the greatest. I have followed these books for learning Java.


  • How to program Java by Deitel
  • Head First Java
  • Effective Java
  • জাভা প্রোগ্রামিং – আ ন ম বজলুর রহমান

Start Learning of Android App Development

Android Studio is the strongest IDE for developing Android apps. Download it and install it on your PC. If you have trouble installing then watch YouTube video. Since you are trying to learn app development, I’m assuming you have enough patience and Google has a habit of searching. If you get stuck in a top, you do not knock on someone like a fool, before that you will make a few hours on Google; I have faith in you.

To learn by myself, it is better to start seeing video tutorials in my opinion. It quickly captures some output in front of the eyes. It’s needed for your inspection. There are many Beginner level video tutorial series on YouTube. They can be practiced regularly to see them. I give a few links below:


There are many resources which are many helpfuls



Find out more numerous resources. Start by doing what you like best. The videos of the first link are good to me. Because very fast and a little bit of video. This video does not have any chance of sleeping. Here’s a look at a topic in a small video. After learning some of these topics, you have done a project with them. Do not ask again, “Brother, do you project? I do not get the idea. Give the idea! “. Make the calculator if you do not get it. Make a scientific calculator Or do not have anything in mind, actually create an app that has a different theme for each and every Android operating system. If someone asks, “What did you learn?” By applying him to the app, “These are learning!”

Practice reading books as well as watching videos. Never see the full concept of a topic in the video. Because all the information is not provided in the video. There is a little more on the blog than the video. More details are available in the book. Android’s official documentation is the most reliable and authoritative source of learning. At the beginning it may not be very advantageous to see its writing. But as the day progresses, the understanding of these documents will continue to grow. The thing I do is, first take ideas, watching a tutorial blog or video. Then slowly began to read the official doc. It’s easy to understand me. This system may not work in your case. You can catch your own system after a while.
Some topics about Android Development

You can learn the following topics gradually. It does not have to learn this seriali. You can do it before and after the need.



When learning top topics or learning to use Confidentially, you can start seeing the following topics slowly:

  • Data binding
  • RxJava
  • Kotlin
  • Learn about basic design pattern like: Singleton, Builder patter, Factory pattern etc
  • Learn MVP architectural pattern (important)***
  • Learn MVVP architectural pattern (important)***
  • HTTP response caching
  • Different types of Service
  • Audio-video streaming
  • Use of ORM instead of raw SQLite query
  • Java Threading
  • Exception
  • Use of Generics
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Learn to make RESTful web API and implement all HTTP methods


After the rough cover of Android’s primary topics, it can be called an atheist level known Android developer. As well as any new topic should be thirsty to learn it in front of the sea! You have to be patient, like the famous driver of ‘Bawan Bass’ or ‘7 Number’ bus in Dhaka. Sun, rain, storm, nothing should touch you. Your app will crash once every 10 times. That’s the rule. Your head will become null to eat nal pointer Exception. Trust the topics you read while learning the top topics! Those who have started learning before you, they are in trouble! So if the app is not working then do not do inbox without such ink to your friends, then search small Google. Look, many of the Beltola have passed before you. You are not alone in the wretched!

If possible, start working with a team of 3-4 people plus work. Take the people who love to code rather than making money. Before getting to know someone who does not want to work in the team, it will be worried about the sharing of revenue. In the beginning, work in a common type of hands. Then, on an idea head, open up the account of Plastore. Do not tension more about income. Regardless of what new things you teach in your app. If you want to learn to work, you can create news paper loading apps. So, it’s better to not worry about making a thousand dollars in the Play Store. If there is something unique in your news paper app, which is not in another app, then it is different. Do not waste time by developing this type of app, ‘Tips for cooking in the morning, Sajujugur tips in the afternoon’.

Set Mind to be Problem Salvor, not Just Android Developer! Build yourself as core programmer. Again, if you think that “I can not do a programming program … so I’m going to be an app developer!” So this is your nightmare! If you think this line, be careful in the first place. Leave this road away! You can learn real programming, otherwise you do not need to step on this side. There will be no way to make ‘night night app’ in the morning after the money of money.

Today there’s Android. Do not worry if you do not have the time tomorrow. You can switch to the new technology! For that there is no substitute for the basic string of programming.

I ended up with an Ethics statement. Never do such a thing for money, do not make an app that does not support your religion, which is harmful to the people of your country, which is harmful to society and human civilization. Do not make apps that will not show your mother with pride. You can see that your younger siblings are using them. Your kids may use this app someday. The income from this app will not be unlawful? You will die, the sins of all the users of this app will reach your grave! Can you tolerate the death of the grave?

Being an app developer is better than being a better man!


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