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5 historians freelancers whom you do not know as freelancers but they changed the world – 1st sequel

The word Freelancing is quite popular in the world. If Alfred Nobel, Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney or Ray Crocus were born in the 21st century, then perhaps they would have had profiles in the Illness, upwork. But it is true that Freelancer is the person involved in freelancing before the discovery of the word.

Freelancing is the work of holding on to its independence, which is very enjoyable to all. Freelancing is very popular in the current world. Everyone started to respect the greatness of the day. There is a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur from Freelancer.

Today, I will tell you some of these Karam freelancers, whom you do not know as Freelancer, but at the beginning of their life, they have got their own matches as Freelancer and the successful entrepreneur has since succeeded. Today, there is 5 historians freelancer who changed the world.

5) Sales and Marketing Freelancer – Ray Croke
Ray Cooke was the founder of the company, “McDonald’s Inc.”, the most renowned fast food company in the world, who once was a struggling freelancer. He was a paper seller, an ambulance driver, a real estate agent and a freelance salesman.

He used to sell one of his own instruments that could make up 5 milk together. It was its own product and sold it itself. He used to contact the client directly and handle all the things himself. Ray Croke was a successful salesman Freelancer and he used to handle everything with great intelligence.

If you want tips to achieve success overnight,

“I got success overnight. It is right, but for this night I had to wait thousands of nights for 30 years.”

To say, Ray Kroc has been working as a freelancer salesman since the age of 15. When he worked as an ambulance driver in the Red Cross Society, he was a freelanceer until he was 53 years old. He later became McDonald’s Inc. Lie down.

4) Photos and Design Freelancer – Walt Disney
Walt Disney is a designer from the age of 4. At this time, one of his neighbors was given a portrait of his horse. Which was not to be thrown at the halya. Then at the age of 15, he started working as a cartoonist in his school newspaper.

Later, at the age of 16, he left school and joined the army. Later he returned home and tried to sell his paintings, political cartoons, and comics in his newspaper, magazines and movie theaters. Because he knew there are many ways to earn as a designer.

By that source, he took a job as a designer in the art studio in Robin. But the studio did not do well, she returned from there and again started selling her various art at different theaters. In this way, Dijon started working as a freelance photographer. Afterward, he gave himself a studio and planned to do business in Hollywood. His brother helped him a lot in this work, and he started his brother with a DJ Brothers studio.

“All our dreams can be true if we have enough courage to look for that dream”. – Walt Disney

3) Product Design Freelancer – Alfred Nobel:
Alfred Nobel likes to write poetry from a small age and he believes in innovation. When creating his freelancer profile, he must always say that he always loved to experiment with product design. He was originally renowned for dynamite discovery. However, after thousands of mistakes and observations, he succeeded in it.

After meeting with Ascanio Sobrero, nitroglycerin became interested and he made many attempts to sell it but failed. Eventually, he returned to his drawing board and eventually he succeeded in inventing his patents and he started selling it.

Alfred Nobel invented 355 patents in his life and he used to sell it himself. Her clients were very happy with her Later, he planned to sell some patients with some salesmen.

“If you have thousands of ideas and one of them is successful then I’m happy.” – Alfred Nobel

2) Writing Freelancer – Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway is a classic American writer. His first freelancing work started with various journals, magazines writing. In 1916, he was published in Magazine named Ring Redner Genie, an article called pen. At the age of 18, he took charge as an ambulance driver, just like Ray Crock and Walt Disney. (I suppose they follow them) Later he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

While working as an ambulance driver, he fell in love with Agnes Van. Although Agnes Von refiles him. He received a silver medal for his contribution to the Italian army, although he lost one of his legs. Later he returned to the writing and his writing was published in the weekly Toronto Star.

He was working as a resident staff reporter in Paris and published his first book there. He is familiar with many well-known writers in Paris. She published her first book, “Three Stories and Ten Poems”.

“There is nothing extra for writing, just sit on a typewriter and start bleeding.”

1) Journalist / Writing Freelancer – Charles Dickens
Dickens is known as a famous novelist. But his past life was not very satisfying. When his age was only 12, his father and brother were imprisoned for excessive debts. For that reason, Dickens himself had to be filled up. He lived with a known friend.

He left his school and took show job only to repay the family loan. In this way, he liberated his parents. Later, after his grandmother’s death, he got 450 euros, which brought him a little peace.

His only option was to do the work of freelance journalism, which would make friends with his family. Firstly, he published a newspaper in London entitled “A Dinner at Poplar Walk”. In this way, gradually he became a reputable journalist. In this way, he became a freelance journalist.

“I did not do anything other than what I did without a lot of attention, time and perseverance.”

“Do you think this 5 historian freelancers could change the world in the other way without freelancing? Tell your opinion through tumément”

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